Simple Life

My Simple Room

That’s it. Not shown in the photo is a simple desk and a bathroom on the left and a half-filled closet behind me. I have a couple pairs of shoes under the bed, socks and underwear in that small night stand, and some books on the wall. I have what I need and need what I have.

When I signed the year lease for this room, I was ecstatic. Talking to me about my new place you would have sworn I was moving into a penthouse or sweet loft condo. I couldn’t wait to downsize and focus on what really matters to me. Personal growth, social growth, and time to spend however I choose.

With less crap, I have less stress. With a smaller space, I pay less in rent. Since my expenses are low, I’m less stressed about money. I spend quality time with friends and have plenty of nice dates, I’ve never had anyone complain about my space. It’s always clean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s only a room. I can’t imagine living alone in a big apartment or condo.

Oftentimes, we move into bigger places with only what we need then what? There are empty spaces on the walls. Shelves without trinkets, walls missing art or focal points, an extra room without a couch or table in it. All of the talk in fight club about all of the bullshit people buy for no reason other to fill a void in them that will never be filled with material goods couldn’t be any more spot on.

Anytime I bring something into this room, something leaves. If I get a new shirt, it’s because an old one shit the bed. Shoes? Same deal. The pace at which our society is pushing forward isn’t sustainable and the turmoil that has come of it won’t get any better. If you live in developed nations you probably don’t see it first hand, it takes some digging. There’s an excellent film on the subject, among many others, called The Story of Stuff that I highly recommend watching. (It’s only 20 minutes)

I know there are some people who are very artsy and that thrive with tons of colors around them and small trinkets they need for inspiration and that’s perfectly acceptable. Living simply doesn’t mean having a space that looks like mine void of most color. If I weren’t renting, I would add some; it’s bland, I know. But, those of you that rely on that sort of stuff for your livelihood, that becomes a need for you. I’m speaking more of the family that has a home full of shit they never touch, and when they finally do, it’s to sell at a yard sale.

I don’t want this to turn into a rant. I just wanted to share my style of being with everyone and emphasize that it can be done. In the long run, giving up things that you don’t need isn’t a sacrifice, it’s an advantage.

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