This blog isn’t just another self-improvement site built around listicles and clichés like so many others out there on the interwebs.

This blog features something that no other blog can touch.

My Truth

I’m not some über successful tech entrepreneur or a self-help guru.

I’m not trying to sell you some product or ebook that will teach you how to make $10k per month online!

The internet is one big mother lover, last I checked there are well north of 1 billion websites out there, a growing portion of those are built on the making money online (MMO) niche. Many others fall back on giving advice to wannabe tech entrepreneurs by showing them how easy it is to jump in and start a software company.

We are bombarded with Instagram wealth. You know the types…Insta-pages that are filled with “entrepreneurs” in their Lambos or the iconic panoramic shot of white sands and water so blue you can’t decipher where the horizon is. All with a link pushing their upcoming webinar, e-course, e-book, book-book, SAAS that got them where they are (even though it didn’t exist while they did their thing) or anything else you can peddle to someone desperate for direction who will latch onto whatever feeds this feeling.

Many of them only scratch the surface of what went into building Uber, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. The businesses that are seemingly within reach of so many 20 somethings out there. I mean come on, they were built in dorm rooms and garages…right?

I’ve done a lot for the 27 years I’ve been lucky enough to be on this beautiful planet. I’m not religious, but I adore the world around me every moment of every day.

Bad luck seems to have always had a hand on my shoulder even during the best times. I have had things happen to me and have witnessed things that most people would never believe, and some didn’t as it happened. Carl Jung said something along the lines of whenever something crosses your path that wasn’t intended it’s god and there is a lesson to be learned. Replace god with fate and we have ourselves a winner.

Lots of friends and acquaintances come to me for advice. I’ve helped two people on the verge of suicide (think: gun in hand) to make sense of things.

There is a lot in life I do not know and probably never will, but I do know one thing. I’ve dramatically improved my situation numerous times and have learned a lot in the process.

On the posts and pages of this website, you will find anecdotes, life advice, books and films that have had a great impact on my life through the bad and the good, as well as fitness and nutrition tips. Mostly thoughts and epiphanies I have while listening to podcasts, meditation sessions, deep and introspective discussions about the world we find ourselves in and life in general. Everything here is meant to help you Integrate your Life. To put your life in balance.

I am an engineering student and in calculus, we integrate. To integrate is to add up all of the tiny, ever-so-minuscule parts to reach the whole. The circle around the integrand is to specify a line integral. This means to integrate over a closed loop. The circle of life is a closed loop. Your life, in every moment, is the culmination of all parts of you.

Beginning to End. Past, present, thoughts, emotions.

Having a good balance across each aspect of your life can be achieved and will change your life in ways you never thought possible.